Adobe Education - APAC


Wednesday April 18, 2018 - 7.00 PM (Sydney/Melb/Brisbane), 5.00 PM (Perth/Singapore/KL), 6.30 PM (Adelaide/Darwin), 9.00 PM (Auckland)

A Road Map for Teaching Video Production


Joel Aarons (Adobe Education Leader) 


Software - Adobe Premiere Pro, Premiere Clip & After Effects


Recording: https://my.adobeconnect.com/pp44s58y4gz0/



In this session, Victorian AEL Joel Aarons will go through various lessons and projects that he has taught from K-6. From first picking up an iPad in the first year of school to collaborating on a short film in Grade 6, Joel will show how his students have developed and consolidated their skills in the art of shooting and editing video. Projects in this session can easily be adapted for secondary school as well.


About the presenter

Joel Aarons is a primary school teacher at Bentleigh West Primary School who has been teaching Media Arts from K-6 for the last two years. He has been an AEL for the past three years and loves not only teaching creativity through digital tools, but networking with teachers. He has spoken and presented at a number of conferences, blogs regularly at Confessions of a Media Arts Teacher, and also put a book out with a years’ worth of curriculum to teach Media Arts in the primary years.